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Hi - I have a quite a few PDFs in my emails that I send out. When you click on the link the PDFs all open but some are sized/zoomed in differently. Additionally, some open with the content at the top while others open with the content at the middle. How do I make this consistent?

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Hello @PantherValleyGolf ,


I was looking through your latest email with a bunch of PDFs, and didn't see any inconsistencies or unusual formatting that stuck out. The only files I saw where there was slight variation in text setup were the calendars, which would be a matter of checking their original setup in the program used to create them - checking for extra spacing / paragraphs enters, text sizing and boldness differences, etc.


I'm not sure what you mean by the zooms as I found all of them perfectly readable, but this will also ultimately come down to what their original sizing and setup were in the program used to create them. A couple of the more info buttons for particular events were uploaded and linked to as images, not PDFs, which is why your browser may be displaying them slightly differently, but this would again come down to how they were setup and what file type they are. 

William A
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