Re: Lists - sending to several lists cantaining duplicate names

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This is 100% untrue. We are having a major problem with our customers receiving 2, 3, and as many as 5 duplicate emails because they belong to multiple lists. You guys promised you had a safeguard. This is embarrassing and it's causing many people to unsubscribe from our lists. I have emailed you twice about this now, and it has not been addressed at all. Please don't tell customers this doesn't happen, because it absolutely DOES!  We are currently researching alternative platforms...

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Hello @DixieR16 ,


I checked the account associated with this Community profile. I'm not seeing any recent cases associated with your account, nor any recent emails from the addresses verified on the account. I checked your most recent emails, and I'm not seeing any spam reports, or anything else that would indicate the emails have been sent to individual contacts multiple times on a single sendout. 


If you have any specific examples of contacts receiving multiple copies of the same email, that were prompted by a single sendout, and not from explicitly setup resends or quicksends, then please call our general support so they can troubleshoot further. Please make sure you're providing the explicit campaign(s) you've seen this behavior, and provide example contacts that have allegedly received the emails multiple times so the applicable support teams can check your account and sending history. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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