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We are a partner organization with CC and have multiple accounts with thousands of contacts - all with non-profits and government entities across NY State who do not charge fees for their trainings and conferences. We have been using CC for many years. The new event program has no option for a non-ticketed event. To be forced to select a ticket is confusing at the every least. 


We have two multi-day major events coming up - a virtual one in April and an in-person event in May. Our registration pages were already set up and approved by our clients, and now we need to totally re-create the form in the new format. 


Some major concerns - maybe somone has an answer? 

  1. We tested several fictional registrants and emails and none got an email reply - did we miss something in the set up?
  2. How can we prevent multiple registrations for one email address? We need to purchase large meeting/webinar add-ons form Zoom for virtual meetings, so the number needs to be precise.
  3. The dropdowns are now limited to 20 - there are more than 60 counties in NY and we need to identify the county of the registrant. How can we do this without using a text box reply, which makes the reporting end a nightmare?
  4. How do we delete a form field? I'm only seeing an option to "hide" or "pause".
  5. We tried to indicate no charge on the ticket section, but now on the registration form, we are getting two lines that repeat (see below). How do we eliminate that? 

         There is no charge to attend the Summit.

         There is no charge to attend the Summit. 

  6. Is there a option to set up a multi-day event in the event basics section? We now can only list the start date and time and the end date and time. (This was also an issue before the new event tool.)

One client wants the registration to go out this week. Any help would be much appreciated. 

Thank you.



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Hello @JeanS513 ,


If you're needing general support, please post in our Questions & Discussions board, not in the Ideas board that's meant for feedback and new functionality suggestions.


The ticket system is the registration system. If you only have one type of registration, then that's all you need to include- just configure the ticket to have the limits you expect from a single registration.


The current cutoff date was only pushed back to March 31, 2024 a few months ago when our devs determined they wanted more time to get parity completed with the new system. Based on that, I'm not sure what format you'd have gotten approval for that would've been available for April and May 2024 dates.


  1. This would indicate that either the registrations were not fully completed, or the receiving entities are blocking the emails from being received. I see that you haven't set your account up for self-authentication, despite using your own domain for sending emails through us, which is likely a contributing factor to your overall delivery (including regular emails).
  2. You cannot, the ability for people to register multiple times was an extremely popular (and fervently demanded) functionality request of the retiring system. Our devs are currently looking into how best to implement a toggle-able option for this when building events. 
  3. You'd need to use a text block for the registrants to fill in, if you need more than 20 options.
  4. Once you've updated the event to have a field included, it cannot be deleted - only hidden. This is to prevent reporting errors if the event runner decides to remove that field after registrations already have submitted info for it.
  5. See where you've entered this info twice, and remove that extra text. Is it in your event description? The specific ticket's description? The ticket's name?
  6. There isn't a way at this time, you'd either need to setup up an event for each day, or have one event cover the full span. Our devs are currently looking into how best to implement this within the core functionalities and coding of the event system. 



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