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Reverting from fixed formatting bar back to free floating?

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I noticed the fixed formatting bar at the top of a new email im editing. How can i revert back to the more intuitive floating bar? I'd like to be able to right click on an image or hyperlink and edit right there. I noticed if try to edit an item i have to go up to the formatting bar and the item im editing isnt highlighted at all. How do i know after mousing across the entire screen i still have the item i want to edit selected? Not a fan.
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Hello @Boxerbrand ,


The docked toolbar was implemented because of the issues with the free-floating bar, since it was not intuitive based on complaints from customers we'd received over the years. 


When you click into a text block (or any block) the toolbar will appear. If you click off to the side, or delete a block that you'd clicked on, the toolbar will disappear. Based on that, it doesn't sound like you're actually clicking into the text block prior to highlighting and editing text / a link.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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The bar functions fine. There are a few small things wrong with it and the items selected for editing, but i was mainly looking to see if i could revert back to the floating bar. The bar is far more intuitive and easy to use.

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So should i assume that no, it is not an option to revert back to the floating bar? is there a chance it will be reimplemented as an option in the future?

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