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Is it possible to add a link in my email message that will take the contact to a sign-up sheet they can complete to attend an event?
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Hello @Brad_Demi .


You can either:

  • Create an event, which gains its own unique URL for registration once published. The current event tool has its own email system, if you want to be keeping especially close track of sign-ups and the messaging your contacts receive regarding this. Otherwise, events' URLs can be linked to in emails via any linking method available in normal emails.
  • Add an RSVP block to your email, if your plan allows it, that your contacts can simply select whether they're planning to attend or not. The list of contact responses can be found in the email's reporting after it's sent.
  • Create a lead generation landing page for this event, if you're not wanting to set up everything using the event tool or it's not available on your current plan. You'll likely want to have made a list unique to this event as well, and have that be the assigned list. Landing pages' URLs can be linked to in emails like any other linking method.

If you're not sure of what's available in your current account plan setup, I'd advise checking your account's Plans & Pricing page in your account, found by clicking the name in the top-right corner of your account.


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