Why is CC compacting my spaces

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In a text block I'm trying to space out 3 columns. The problem is that it looks fine in the editor, but when I send a test email to my self it reduces all the spaces to a single space. This defeats the purpose of trying to layout columns in text. If you suggest I use a data table, I tried that as well, but the editor does not allow me to place the table where i needed it. This stuff should be easy HELP!!!!
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I don't seem to have any control of the placement of the data table or the 3 column layout. In both cases, when I drag it over to where I want it to go, I find that both are placed 3/4 down on my email. I try to move it to where I want it but it either pops to the top of the email or stays right where it is. This should be something simple. Why am I having all this trouble with the placement of objects????
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Hello @CBD ,


Just typing out a bunch of spaces will always result in it being reduced to a single space, and I wouldn't really recommend trying to setup three separate columns of info within a single text block as pretty much any text-entry system on the internet is going to collapse the extra spaces.


I had no issues adding and removing tables while testing in my account and yours. Can you provide any further elaboration on what your issue is in regards to its placement? If you're trying to establish multiple columns of text, is there a reason you're not just putting three text blocks beside each other in a single row, and then typing into those?


three text blocks in a row.png

William A
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I'll try the 3 text blocks side by side. As far as the table goes, I wanted it right after the write up for "And The Winners Are" text but when I released the mouse it put it just before the book club info. It would not let me move the table to where I wanted it. Is it possible I was trying to drop the table in an illegal location. But thanks again for the tip on the three text blocks. I hope that works but still I think a table of 3 columns would be best. It is supposed to contain the raffle winners.


Jonathan B (aka CBD)

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