data entry not intuitive

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I am used to where I click the return button and the cursor moves to the next field. Is this possible? Can we now move the fields around so thatonly the ones we use are at the top?

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Hello @CURB ,


I'm not sure I understand what data entry you're referring to, based on how I'm reading your post. If this is in regards to the type/paste multiple method for importing contacts, only the tab keyboard button is going to work for this kind of entry, with each tab going left>right, then top>down.


That said, using a spreadsheet program is typically the most simple, straightforward, and efficient way to enter a large amount of contact data. This can then be quickly imported as an XLS, CSV, or similar file type.


Otherwise, if you're referring to something else, could you please elaborate on what you're looking to do?


See also:

Formatting contact files prior to import

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