how to add a calender to the landing page

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Hi just made the landing page and see that there are very few options to put something in. Also no templates. I at least want to add the option that they get a thank you letter and that they can choose to add the date into their calendar automatically and that the time zones are calculated well.  I believe i miss here something. This must be possible. Every landing page I ever used as a customer had that. thank you. Karin 

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Hello @user2820189 ,


For events and their associated landing pages, adding to calendar is an option since this has a specific date set to it. Lead generation, shoppable, and custom landing pages aren't built for events and specific dates so there isn't currently an add-to-calendar functionality to be included with it.


Landing pages are meant to be quick-build pages for specific purposes, such as linking to multiple sites and platforms, displaying featured products, collecting leads on sites you can't code into (like social media sites), etc.


If you're wanting to suggest enhancements and provide use cases for existing tools, I'd advise posting in our Feedback forum so other users can add to those ideas, vote, and more.

William A
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