Cash Buyers choose which tags they want to be apart of

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So I work in the real estate industry and I'm looking for some help or guidance on how the best way is to set up a targeted email campaign for specific areas when I market my email sign up list to a wide range of potential cash buyers all over Florida. So to help you understand, here is an example: 


My business consists of me finding off market properties and selling them to Flippers or landlords throughout the state. The issue I'm having is I want my buyers to be able to choose which properties they see without having to sign up to multiple email lists. So for example, if I get a property in Tampa that is a Single Family Home I want all of my buyers that say they buy in Tampa and purchase single family homes to see that property. But say for example I get a duplex in St Pete, I wouldn't want the guys that tell me they only buy single family homes in Tampa to see this duplex. 


What I want to happen, is when my buyers sign up for my list via a landing page, I would like them to be able to tag themselves saying, I buy properties in Tampa, St Pete, Sarasota, AND then say what types of properties they buy: single family, duplexes, etc..


Does this make sense? And is there a way I can have my cake and eat it too in this situation? 




Hi @NickR615 ,


Great question, thanks for providing the detailed use case. One way I'm thinking you can handle that is to create a new contact list  for each "segment". For example, Tampa - Single Family Home, Tampa - Duplex, St Pete - Single Family Home, etc.


From there you could either set up an inline sign up form (if you want this embedded on your website) or one of our Basic Landing Pages (if you want a URL you can share out). The Basic Landing Pages are found under Sign- Up Forms > Basic Landing Pages. Both of these forms will allow you to choose multiple lists to add to the form and your subscribers and simply check off the ones they are interested in.


When you get ready to mail, you can just select the appropriate list to send out. If you ever needed to do a general mailing for a specific city (say, all of the Tampa subscribers) you could select all the Tampa lists for a single mailing and if anyone appears on multiple lists we will make sure they only receive the email a single time.