Your Best Advice to New R.E. Brokers

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I am a brand new associate broker in New Mexico. The market that I have decided to begin in is very competitive and inventory is very low.

If you have been in the business for awhile, what is the best advice for new agents like me.

What is the best way to find leads?

What is the best way to land these leads?

What is the best way to motivate others in the business to make it to the close on schedule?

Any other advice you may have?

Troy Larson
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I'm new to marketing Real Estate and have the same questions.  Looking forward to seeing some answers!



Hi! Here are some tips I would like to share:
Networking is key - Attend local events and join real estate groups to build your network and make connections.
Lead generation - Use social media, open houses, and referrals to find leads. Offer value to your audience by providing market insights and expertise.
Building relationships - Listen to your clients' needs and build rapport with them. Be patient and persistent, and always follow up with them.
Remember, success in real estate takes time, patience, and effort. may also need a financial advisor, and I will suggest financial advisor for medical professionals. Best of luck in your journey!