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Our brokerage is now signed up for CC. As far as I can tell, any time a contact list is uploaded it is viewable to each agent who logs in. As RE is a competitive occupation, there are concerns here. How do we shield our contact lists (leads) from the other agents in the office, aside from deleting the list? 

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Hello @JulieJ547 ,


If the people trying to access your account are going to be in direct competition with one another, then I'd strongly advise setting them up with individual accounts. If you get established as a partner of ours, you'll be able to maintain a separate master account with all those agents' accounts separate but connected to your overall company (and directly manageable by your master account, if so desired). This will also make it so they can't see and edit each other's campaigns, and if your master account wishes to provide a base template to any of them (such as for holidays or other events) it can do so.


If you choose to have just the one account, and reduce the other agents to just Campaign Creator status, you'll still run into the issue of them being able to see and edit each others' campaigns, so I'd strongly advise going the separate account and partner route mentioned above.

William A
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