Add subject line to the "Export all as CSV" option in the Reporting screen.

Please add a subject line column to the "Export all as CSV" option in the Reporting screen. When the CSV is created, it has a lot of useful information but not the subject line that was used. We often refer back to old e-mail subject lines (looking for successful ones to get ideas for new ones) and having this included in the CSV export would save a lot of time.


I can't believe it isn't already in there, considering all of the other information that you include.



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I'm going to keep being the squeaky wheel here. All this business about "create an engaging subject line" and "A/B subject line testing" - and yet the subject line is not available as a download, nor is it displayed on either the campaign summary/home page or the campaign reports page. And it's a real pain to go in and extract the subject line from each of the emails to include in our real metrics. (Would be nice if the date in the downloadable report was formatted in a sortable manner as well. Just sayin'.)

Subject Line Report Needed. PLEASE

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I completely agree! We need to be able to see what subject lines are getting higher open rates!  

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