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It would be helpful to access data about the engagement of individual contact lists. Info such as open and unopened rates, click through rates, and best subject lines by contact list would be valuable to track how our various nonprofit constituencies respond to our communications. Thank you for the great work you are doing by offering a valuable email marketing product through Constant Contact!
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I want to be able to sort the Opens list by name or by email address.  Sometimes opens happen within a few minutes (to the same address), but sometimes they happen over the course of a few days.  I'm interested to see how people are revisiting the email over time.  

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I'm sending the same campaign to seven different lists. Is there a way to see reporting by list? In the past, I've had to copy, rename the campaign and send--six additional times. Will hitting "Resend" separate times to send to each individual list allow me to see results by list or will it compile all data for the one campaign into a single report?


Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.


Right now there is no way to see contact engagement in a list, only one by one - by clicking on each contact one at a time. I would like to request a way to see this in list form.
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