Better navigation for contact engagement reports

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In the "Contact Details" popup panel,


when looking at an individual contact's Engagement, in the list of emails sent, opened, clicked, etc

These should all have clickable links navigating to the corresponding target that is being referred to.


For instance, the Campaign name in quotations should be clickable to that specific campaign's reporting page. 


Especially the reporting of "a link" clicked should navigate to the target of whatever that link is.  If an email has several links, I have to literally go to that Campaign's reporting page to figure out, which link was it?  This should be answerable right there on the Engagement popup panel.

Status changed to: Gathering Information

That's a really good idea - thank you for this feedback! I'm going to open this up to start tracking the request. Anyone else finding this, please use the comments to add your voice and provide more examples!

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I'd like to point out that reporting on your main competitor's email management works this way.

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