Bounce over time report

Is there a way to generate a list of all bounced emails versus mailing by mailing?

It becomes time-consuming having to export blast result components separately (i.e. opens, and the different click results) - is there any way you can make it so we have the option to export into one report?
It would be great if there was a way to see how many opens, clicks, etc. that each contact completes in order to manage contact lists better. It is cumbersome to click on each individual email sent and look at who has opened them and to see what they have clicked on. It would be great to search within particular dates as well. Thanks!
I would like to see an easier way to manage our entire Customer Relations Management database. Currently, I have to export separate reports for each email open, as well as exporting even more separate reports for each link included. Then I have to organize this data in Excel and merge all of these reports together, which takes a LONG time. Will you be working on a way to view our contact data easier?
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Something that we are not currently able to do is generate an aggregate report on all registrants for all events for a certain time period. That is, currently, if we wanted to see what percentage of event registrants were women, we would have to go to each event individually and export/download a report from that event and then somehow combine them into a large database - this is an extremely cumbersome method. We would like to see a tool that would allow us to run reports on all event registrants at once.
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it would be very helpful if we could export engagement data with our contacts
1)Listings of contacts who click on the individual links MUST be downloadable as a single report showing the contact and the link on which they clicked. As it is now I have to look up each individual click and manually copy it. This isn't worth the effort. 2) The content of conversation with your agent should be emailed to us after the conversation is over since there are informational links to information provided.
Can you please add a feature where I can export all items into one spreadsheet? The unsubscribers, the bounces, the open rates, etc. iContact, MailChimp, Salesforce and others have this convienent option. Also, your Instagram logo is extremely dated compared to the other social media icons. Can you please get that updated ASAP?
be able to download reporting so you can see trends past 75 days
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It would be nice to see who your frequent openers are and who never opens.

I would love to see a summary report that can be easily exported. Exporting each individual piece of the campaign and then combining in a single spreadsheet with multiple worksheets is cumbersome. If a single export button could do this in a single action, it would save a lot of time. When my supervisor asks for a report on a campaign, this is what I currently have to do. And I'd love to see the Overview as a single page and have each section navigate to that part of the spreadsheet.
I would like to be able to see an overview of all of the bounces and unsubscribes in order to manage them better. I am only now learning how to manage the bounces, etc., and I have done several email blasts in two different company. This would be a big help.
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To Developers at Constant Contact: I have been using Constant Contact for about 7 months for sending my news feeds, the tool has a lot of functionality but what is missing that is vital for day-today working is: Customer Activity Analysis (by domain name) for the account - 1) for all campaigns (opened, clicked, not opened) 2) for all contacts (total number subscribed, total unsubscribed, bounces analysis for each reason - blocked, other, suspended, non-existence..) 3) Customer Ranking as well as subscriber ranking by activity (opened, clicked, not opened) I am happy to talk to you to provide more details and how the dashboard/ views/ reports shd be created. Thanks, Rama S Juturu (813) 475-4591
I had hoped that when exporting my contacts, I could also export the engagement activity (the campaigns I've sent them and their click activity). I would think this would provide more value than the notes field.
There used to be an option to print a complete report once an email was sent (print to PDF). There seems to be no option for that anymore with the new format. Is there a way to get all the data to be saved as a PDF for recording metrics?

Hi @StephanieS82

At this time you can export to excel each individual report (open, sent, bounce, etc) or print directly from Constant Contact. We would recommend exporting first so you can control the layout but it's up to you. Thanks for the feedback on a more cumulative report!

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Bring back the summary view of reports. It's extremely important to see them all to compare open rates etc at a glance.
Hi there, I would like to be able to report on the Open Rate as well as the Click Thrus within a particular list. Thanks!
It would be great to see more than % for open and click rate on the summary page. I'd like to be able to select certain campaigns and view the actual numbers of sent, opened, clicked, unsubscribed in addition to the % and see them side by side other campaigns to compare. Thank you
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We send emails with links. It sure would be nice to get a history of which links are working. Yes I know I can look at each individual email's statistics, but being able to gauge a link's performance over say the past 6 months would help immensely. 


I have submitted this idea many, many times, in writing, and verbally. I have received promises galore, and yet here I am again with this simple request one more time. In my little pea brain I think this would help our business, and many others, properly and quickly assess their marketing efforts.


So once again CC - Please provide the capability of downloading a CSV file with performance data.



It would be nice to have the ability to export the results from the reporting landing page to a different file format, such as .xls.
Also include "Engagement" for each contact/email when we exporting the contact list into CSV/Excel
I love the engagement area on each contact and how I can look back and see what has been sent and what has been opened. It's very helpful. It would be great if I could get a global perspective without going into each individual contact, which is very time consuming. For example, when looking at the list of active contacts I would like for one of the columns to be "most current engagement" or "last opened". That would be much more helpful to me than what company someone works for.
It would be really great to be able to export the engagement list details from each content. That way I can have cell automatically give me a count or categorized which emails that person opened, which ones they clicked, how many total I've sent. All of this is important and it's painful to count and sort one by one.
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I'm not sure what you're asking for - what do you mean by "export the engagment list details for each content" - do you mean contact? Also, what are you asking for when you describe a "cell automatically give me a count or categorized which emails that person opened..."?


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When I do a social campaign, I would like to see which contacts opened my emails so I can add them to my Opened list. My opened list is the most valuable to me. Right now I disable my autoresponders for a week so I can go through the back door of the email reports to see the five most recent emails sent; but I would like not to have to do that in order to gain that information. I want to narrow my lists down to the most fruitful ones. Please help. Is there another way to see the list of contacts opening the emails without disabling autoresponders?
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Currently, the download option only exists for specific components of a campaign (click throughs, opens, bounces etc.) It would be really useful to have all the data available in one download. It's all great information but I'm wasting time stitching it all together for my reports.

For me, It is painful to export "Open, Click, Unsubscribe" reports, One at a time.


Can you work on "Overall Report" for One Campaign?


So I can check "Sent, Open (# of Open), Click (# of Click), Unsubscribed" all in one file.


For those information, I do not need the time that they open or click. 


It would be useful for everyone who wants to see which recipients showed interest more than others. 

We need to be able to run electronic reports for bounces, opens, clicks, and sents. I can print them out with the detail, but there is no way to run an electronic report. I just called support at constant contact and they confirmed. We are a software company and understand the importance and value of being able to share a report electronically.
Need to export to a spreadsheet all my campaign results. When will this be available?
Just spoke with Trevor regarding my need to cut and paste to create a high level report from my first email: number sent, received, opened, clicks, categories that were taggedl, etc. Recommend it would be a useful program enhancement if you offered an overview report that one could click on and print. Bob May 9, 2016
Hi, would you be able to set up an email marketing reporting of the individuals that opened emails and the individuals that clicked through the email, similar to how the unsubscribed lists are sent out
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In the exported CSV/Excel report, it would be helpful to be able to see the complete activity history for that campaign. At the moment, it is really a Contact report, showing when each contact (first) opened it, which is too basic. Ideally, we want to see all the same information as is in the Contact's 'Engagement' list, specific to this campaign. That is, how many Opens and when; how many clicks and when. This might mean that the output spreadsheet includes one line per open, another line per click. You may want to indicate opens as "first open" vs "subsequent open".
Or is your reporting less powerful and intuitive than ever? I have spent 30 minutes searching your site as well as Google for tips on how to create an report that I can present to clients tracking contacts, open rates, click thru rates, etc. over time. Your bar charts provide very little value. You seem to be going backwards.
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I love constant contact customer support, but am considering switching. I absolutely need a system that helps me identify quickly who is engaged with my newsletter. Other competitors are way ahead of you on this. I should be able to get: A report with contacts who are most engaged and what their engagement levels have been; An option to send offers to people who are actively engaged with the newsletter. I'd like to start segmenting my contacts. When will this be a service you provide?
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Would it be possible to see all of the engagements of all the emails, all the clicks etc, by time. So I can download a report with person name, company name, number of emails opened, number of click-throughs to links within emails, etc. I've spoken to Andrew in your customer support team, and he has placed a request with developers. I wanted to reiterate this to you directly, and would appreciate it if you could keep me in the loop and develop this functionality quickly. Many thanks. David
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Would love to have a way to create a report that shows who has opened or not opened my emails within a certain date range (last year, last 2 years, etc). It would help me clean up my database and rid it of those not interested in receiving our emails. Thanks, Kathleen
It would be great if we could have one report that includes all of the click throughs with a reference to what was clicked. Right now i need to manually generate this spreadsheet.
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new design is pretty but tired of needing to look for the obvious.
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I can't find it either.


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If you click on a campaign title, the next screen has the clickable numbers to open the Opened, Sent, Clicks, Bounces, and so on.


On the Campaigns list screen, there's enough room (at least as I view it on my system now) to hold a quick link for Bounces, right next to the already existing Open Rate and Click Rate.  Would be nice to have such a Bounces link there.



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Quarterly I review emails that have Bounced, Blocked, Other that have been returned, but this new way only offers the last 50 emails that have been sent.  We send more emails than I can review each month.  This is crazy.  Why change a good thing.

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Ah yes, what KanetteG mentions is a better way to get at your bounces and other performance lists if you need to work with more than one campaign at a time.  Thank you for that.


And yes, since the Reports page limits you to the last 50 emails, if you need to get at something ealier, you will find yourself in that Sisyphean world of hurt known as "View more campaigns."  Sorry about that.



I would like to be able to export all the details of a campaign at the email level, specifically bounces, did not opens, opens, etc. I want to be able to do a single export and not have to select each option, "opens", one by one and export.
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Currently, if I want reporting on sent to, opened, clicked, spam, bounced, unsubscribed, and did not open I have to run a report on each one which can be very burdensome and time consuming. Then I have to compile them into one report myself. It would be great if we could run one report per campaign to see all of this information in one report.
Why is it not possible to see the emails that clicked, bounced, opened, etc. without having to open each category?
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Yeah.  Are all these things actually stored in separate tables?  I wouldn't think so.  Even if they are, write us a select query with whatever multiple joins or appends are needed to give us an exportable file and a screen view that would show, for example,


[Email Address] [Response Date/Time] [Response Category] [Response Data Primary] [Response Data Secondary], 10/24/2016 5:53 AM, Bounce, Non-Existent [ ], 10/24/2016 5:53 AM, Open, [name of newsletter] [ ], 10/24/2016 5:55 AM, Click, [link that was clicked on] [ ], 10/24/2016 6:03 AM, Click, [link that was clicked on] [ ], 10/24/2016 6:36 AM, Open, [name of newsletters] [ ], 10/24/2016 6:38 AM, Unsubscribe [name of newsletter] [Unsubscribe Reason]


You can be creative with this, but I'd also at least want to see the Sents in such a file, which would allow me to figure out the Did Not Opens on my own.  Users who don't have a need for data compiled this way wouldn't have to use it.  For others who can work with it, it would save the time of handling and manipulating the separate files as we often must do for keeping data in another system in sync, and doing external reporting.



Morris HabitatS1014809275
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It would be helpful to be able to download a list of Suspeneded by Contact Name, rather than by Campaign.

The simple view is CC knows who on my list of 22,000+ Contacts are "suspended" and it would be useful to be able to identify them with entering a Campaign Report.


Th-Th-That's All Folks



I think CC needs the feature that will allow you run a report on all of your contact to see what email addresses are incorrect or have bounced back. Right now, you have to go into each individual list that you have created to track that data.

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I would like to run a report of all e-mail addresses that bounced within a time span ACROSS campaigns.  Currently, if I want to know all e-mail addresses that bounced in a 6-month period, I have to go into the MANY campaigns we've run across those 6 months and extract them from each campaign.  The e-mail address, date, and type of bounce across campaigns would be very helpful to us.

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