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Bounced Emails

Bounced Emails

Is there a way to generate a list of all bounced emails versus mailing by mailing?
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I'm interested in monitoring the fluctuations in open rates and click rates on the emails I send over time. I appreciate the bar charts and wish that I could export the data from the reports so I can measure the open and click rates, for example, of my fall newsletter, then my winter newsletter, etc. Instead, I'm likely just going to create my own spreadsheet with your data to monitor this myself. It would be a really nice function to have within CC.
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Please create filters for contact lists. Who opened the last email. Who opened the last two emails. Who opened emails in the last month. Right now there is no way to access this information easily ... all that information is available, there's just no way to break it down quickly. If I knew who opened what and when, I could target the next email, follow-up emails, or resend emails with much more confidence that I'm not bothering my followers. In the case of a resend, if I knew a group of folks had not opened the last three emails, I'd send a follow-up email. However, without that info ... it's too difficult to define this group and I'm not willing to send a follow-up email without the info because of the spam/opt-outs I'd get. Please put this on your to-do list!!
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Can you create an easier way to see how many opens or clicks a particular user has done? Now, you can see how many opens they've had but you have to browse through the list looking for the same email address or name. If we could at least have sort capabilities by email and name, it would be much quicker to gather this info. Better though, would just be a new report that shows most engaged or something similar and shows multi-open / multi-click users and what actions they did. This will greatly help if we'd like to follow-up the campaign with a call or email. Those really engaged would be at the top of the follow-up list. Do you send us updates to our inquiry so we know if/when they are implemented? Thanks! Candy **Removed By Moderator**


Do you mean overall - for all your campaigns - kind of report? Or do you mean for each individual campaign?


I would love to be able to do this for all sets of an email's reports. Say for instance I'm running a campaign to promote a certain product being able to see how the click through rate changes over time compared to the number of opens I'm getting and so on. I think being able to create a report from a folder of emails would be extremely helpful.

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**Removed By Moderator** has a five-star rating system where you can pull up your most avid email readers. Their system looks at all the emails sent, not just the last one. It would be good to send special emails to these hot responders. And **Removed By Moderator** is free. I like Constant Contact, but right now I'm referring my clients to **Removed By Moderator**. They don't need all the bells and whistles of CC, but this hot responder list is a good one.

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It would be great to pull a report that showed the people who clicked on anything in the emails. This report should be able to be specific to a campaign or for a date period for all sent emails in that date range.

I want to run analysis on open rate and click-through rate on a contact level across multiple emails. It would be much easier if I could export data from multiple emails instead of email-by-email and separate files for open, send, and clicks. Are you planning to add this feature?
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I would lk a report that allows customized choices of fields, but ultimately showing me name and click throughs by emails in a folder. ie I send out several newsletrs & wd lik to see a report showing each person on that LIst, then if they opened and clicked through the newsletter for several issues back. At the least, when I drill down to click thrus, they shd be sortable.
Cannot get granular with data reporting. For instance, I have no way of looking at a specific list and seeing how many contacts were on the list in a custom time frame, and how many unsubscribed during that period. This data would be very useful in determining future use of your product.