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Bounced Emails

Bounced Emails

Is there a way to generate a list of all bounced emails versus mailing by mailing?
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Hello, It would nice if we could download the overall click page report for each newsletter where it shows the urls & # of clicks for each link. Additionally, it would be helpful if we could download a copy of the email reporting page where it shows all metrics for all newsletters sent. Thank you, Gina
I would like to be able to print the engagement tab area share the open and sent information with staff or with other users.
I downloaded the click through reports for several of the articles in my e-newsletter. I don't know which report goes with which article because there is not label. The old format I at least know what the click through report was associated with. This stinks. Another poor upgrade.
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I joined Constant Contact over a year ago and I have been creating email mailings since 12/18/2012. I want some additional reporting capability added to your system to help me manage my mailing lists. I would like a batch report that I can kick off for all my contacts sorted by the number of times each person has opened each individual email campaign that I sent to them. I would like the option to base this report on a date range I can enter into the report criteria. I would also like to be prompted if I would like to create a special list for those that meet my criteria. This will help me to identify those that may not be opening my emails. It will give me the opportunity to send those individuals an email asking them if they want to continue receiving my emails and to reply back to me if they do. If I don’t hear back from them, I may remove them from my active list. It is important to me to have the option to clean up my mailing list and to eliminate a bunch of folks that don’t opt out but don’t read my email either.
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With all the great capabilities, I'm surprised this isn't available. I'd like to be able to run a report, that looks at, say, a year's worth of emails, and see who hasn't opened any so I can remove those emails. Ninety days does not help me. If I sent daily, or weekly, emails it would, but that isn't my business model. At this point, I have to individually open each contact who didn't open the last email, and then I can only see 90 days history. A year is a nice amount of time for me. I have events on a yearly cycle. Some of my customers may only open an email about our March event, and that is fine with me. I don't want to eliminate that contact. Any designs on this in the future?

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Your system lets you tag email contacts based on the reports we get back; and then send emails to only contacts with a certain tag we've given, like "opened last email". Can you add the ability to target the negative or "null option" in one of 2 ways? 1: Create a feature to select all contacts in any active file with no tags, so we could then tag them all with some new tag (such as "never opens our emails") This way we have globally tagged the people who are not taking the action we desired no matter how many campaigns they have been sent in the past. 2: Create a feature to refine the campaign mailing list target so we can select "do not mail these tags", instead of only being able to refine the target list by "mail only these tags". It would be helpful to have this "null" option like MS Access and other database programs have to select out contacts which lack an entry in a certain field; instead of being able to select only those that do have a certain entry in a given field of the contact record. Thanks
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I'd like to be able to export an individual contact's engagement (email activity and history) - Support has told me I can copy and paste but going forward it would be nice to be able to download a report on a specific contact's history and activity.
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There should be audit reports available for the last X months showing contact management activities. For example: Date, contact added/removed/deleted, lists (for each contact)
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Engagement data isn't terribly useful if you have to go into each record. If there's an actual report that shows engagement for a list or a mailing, then it's very hard to find. Person by person? How are we supposed to make that useful?


My suggestion is to expand reporting on recipients and the actions they take on emails. To really analyze this data, you have to export 4 or 5 spreadsheets (bounced, opt-outs, cicks, opened) and then manually add the action to each field. This takes a considerable amount of time. It would be much easier to export one spreadsheet that shows all recipients and what action was taken. 


Thank you