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Bounced Emails

Bounced Emails

Is there a way to generate a list of all bounced emails versus mailing by mailing?



It would be helpful to be able to download a list of Suspeneded by Contact Name, rather than by Campaign.

The simple view is CC knows who on my list of 22,000+ Contacts are "suspended" and it would be useful to be able to identify them with entering a Campaign Report.


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I would like to run a report of all e-mail addresses that bounced within a time span ACROSS campaigns.  Currently, if I want to know all e-mail addresses that bounced in a 6-month period, I have to go into the MANY campaigns we've run across those 6 months and extract them from each campaign.  The e-mail address, date, and type of bounce across campaigns would be very helpful to us.

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I would like to have a suspended bounce report emailed to me after each mailing.
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Status changed to: Voting Open
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Hey @JWCompton. Thank you for providing that feedback, I've gone ahead and opened this for voting for us.

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Would love to see a report with all bounces across all campaigns.
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Yes, this is critical missing data.  Should be able to pull a report that lists number of bounces, by type, per email address/contact.  Would make it much easier to idntify problem addresses.


Current process (really, a cumbersome workaroud) requires exporting bounce lists for each campaign and maipulating them in ad aoutside tool liek Excel or Access.



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Rather than having to review each campaign one at a time to look at bounces, this data should be available on a Contact basis -- it is the email address that is the source of the bounce, not the message.


Should be able to easily see a list of bounced addresses with counts by type of bounce, over a specified time period (e.g. a lis tof all emails that bounced in the past 60 days).  This would allow us to more effectively evaluate the bounces and identify repeat offenders.