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Bounced Emails

Bounced Emails

Is there a way to generate a list of all bounced emails versus mailing by mailing?
It would be super helpful if there was an option to download all bounces across multiple campaigns so that I don't have to download 20 files then combine them for our panel department to update. Kind of the way Unsubscribes wok. But if you could add a column that displays which list/campaign (both would be preferred) the bounces come from, the reports would be near perfect. Thanks,
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Consider creating a global report on Bounced Emails for a specific date range. It is extremely time consuming to go campaign by campaign.
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Our company manages a list of tens of thousands of contacts for very specific target accounts in our industry and send dozens of emails weekly. We need a way to export a list of all emails that bounced from all contacts across all campaigns so we know what specific emails need to be updated in our Client Relationship Management system. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to export each individual email results for bounced emails with the magnitude of work we use these emails for.


Same situation with our company.  To keep a client list clean and to let our staff know the actual active respondents we need to be able to export all opt outs and bouces for maintains purposes.  This is a extreemly time consuming way to organize, when a simple export by date range would be a  pefect solution.



As Administrator for our Constant Contact Account - how do I reinstate a 'suspended bounce' email?  I've already deleted and re-input the contact email however this isn't working?


Please can we have a cumulative bounce report. At the moment the only way I can get this data is to export bounces for a period of time, put all in a spreadsheet and run a pivot table. That is silly time-consuming to do, but still I do it sometimes as when I do I have noticed that people who are reported as hard bouncing don't do so consistently (i.e. I shouldn't be removing them.) So, I'm stuck between either going through a major production to check hard bounces (time consuming) or just taking each weekly bounce report at face value and potentially deleting people who are active and engaged. E.g. today, many Yahoo emails are marked as "non-existent" - looking at individual profiles they clearly are not "non-existent" e.g. people who opened just yesterday. If I had a cumulative bounce report I wouldn't even notice weekly issues like this as I'd only be looking at the big multi-week picture. Thank you

I would like to click and see the person engagement detail while looking at the campaign bounce detail report "at the same time"

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The method you use for checking the specifics for the Bounced Rates is rather awkward and clumsy. Could you make it easier to use please? I should be able to click onto Bounced Rate and get details but I can't.

I am commenting to add a vote for developing this as a feature, as well as other ways to filter and generate reports about contacts.


Thank you!

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Since I don't want to remove people who may have temporary email problems, it would be really useful to be able to see if an email address has bounced more than once (on a prior campaign or campaigns). This is data CC has, and should be provided to clients. I would happily segment bounces by "number of bounces" or "multiple bounces to this address" or something similar. Then I would confidently remove them. A single bounce doesn't give me confidence to remove.
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We should have a report in contacts which shows list of bounced contacts and how long mails have been bouncing. This tells us if its a one time thing or its been consistent and we can take them off our contact list.