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Bounced Emails

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Bounced Emails

Hi! Can we get the "Select All" function back under the Bounced emails so that I don't have to select a couple hundred emails one-by-one please? I'm having take more steps and it's a bit frustrating when I'm in a time crunch. Some of the new changes aren't as user friendly. Don't fix what's not broken? Thank you! Stephanie H.
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for your feedback @CherylP35 I have opened your idea up for voting. Additionally, if you weren't already aware - you do have the option to export all bounces and upload them to a list. This way, you are able to delete/manage a full group at once without having to select them all manually. While this may not be ideal, I hope it helps you in the meantime!

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented