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Vacation/auto reply under bounce types seems mis-categorized. I believe these are represented in the % bounce rate displayed for the campaign. It is not a bounce since the recipient received the email.
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I think you're right.  But I think it's a necessary evil, so to speak, unless you can think of an alternate way for those "bounces" to be indicated.  As the system stands, those instances need to be dropped into the Bounce categories just to let you know that information is being passed back by the server.  If it's not dropped into Bounces, then you won't know about it--given how the system currently functions.


And don't you want to know who has had their email account sent to Vacation/Auto Reply for the past year?  We have a person who's had her account set that way more often than not over the past eight years, but we know her personally, and we know she's opening those emails promptly.  So she gets a pass.  If we don't know someone whose email is "bouncing" as Vacation over and over, we like to see it in the bounces so that we know about it.  Perhaps that person isn't even getting to those emails, and absent any other knowledge about them, we may decide to remove them from our account after a few months.


As for the inaccuracy that brings to the overall Bounce rate, we simply don't care.  It's a fraction of a percent for us.




Thank you for providing us with your feedback. Vacation and Auto-replies are the exceptions to the bounce rule. When someone sets up an Auto-reply, a bounce message gets sent to us even though the email is actually delivered. That means you don't have to do anything. The message is just a way to let you know that the contact might not see your email for a while.

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How can I elect to block the Vacation/Auto-Reply bouncebacks to my email account? The analytics for that particular group are less important to me than manually deleting 800+ auto-reply emails. 


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