Change rundate on existing report

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It would be great to be able to 're-run' an existing report with all the parameters set in the initial set up of the report...but with 'current data'. Having to 're-select' my report criteria is tedious. thanks...


Hi @FashionMattersChicago

Great feedback, can you clarify what kind of report you are running? Is this within your Event?



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Hello Hannah...


Yes, I was running a report out of 'full' and once I selected the fields I wanted included...I would process the report and export it and then clean it up...!  But the next time I wanted that same data...only 'more current data'...I would have to rerun the full...and then have to export again, and clean it up again.


Same drama on a 'custom' report...!


It would be helpful to be able to run a range of dates in whichever report option we're using...!

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