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The click-through stats used to show all links regardless of whether they had zero or many click throughs. Recently, the stats have only been showing the links that do have click throughs and not displaying the links that don't have click throughs. I am finding this to be problematic as I now don't have a good feel for how many links are dormant versus actively being clicked on. Please either a) put the zero click through links back in the document b) have a summary section of just above the "Click-through Stats" that indicates how many links were in the document, how many have 0 and how many have at least 1 click through, so we know how functional all of the links are or c) give us the option to either display the 0 click-through links or to hide them so each individual user can choose to see what they want (this would be my personal preference). Thank you.
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Hi @RobbinB7 where in your account are you seeing this reporting? what steps are you taking to pull this reporting? how does our links reporting not fit your needs to see the stats for all links in your email campaign?


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