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Click thru rates in reporting

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Click thru rates in reporting

You used to provide a valuable feature that seems to have been removed a few months ago. When looking at click thru rates on specific links, I used to be able to see not only how many clicks on each link, but the column used to be 'sortable' or clickable to put them in order of highest rates to lowest. This was incredibly valuable for me to share back our 'top clicked links' back with our business community. It also was easy for us to see which articles with links were most popular. It's a shame you removed it. I cant imagine any customer doesn't find that valuable. I now have to download the data to a .cvs file and resort it myself in another program. Pain in the neck.
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CTCT Employee

Hello @JamieL 


I apologize for the inconvenience the removal of columns with the ability to sort is causing you. I understand that this is definitely a really helpful feature and I'll more than happy to submit this feedback to the right team!