Create reporting by campaign folder

Is there any way to arrange our data by folders?

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Hi @ChadP546. I apologize for the delay in our reply. Could you clarify what you mean by "data"? Do you mean your campaigns or maybe your contacts? 

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Hi Caitlin! I wanted to piggyback on @ChadP546's original question. In my org's ConstantContact's "Campaigns" we have the organized by specific type of email (event registration, normal blast, etc) Is there a way to pull a report to see how all of those emails in that specific folder are doing against each other? If we have 50 blasts over the past few months that are in the "Events" folder, can we see their respective analytics side by side? Thanks! 


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Hi @idaUPMOs. Thanks for chiming in! At this time, reporting cannot be organized by folder but I think this would be a great idea especially with all the updates we've been making to the Reporting page so far this year so you can further compare like campaigns. I'll open this up for voting. 

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