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Cumulative Did Not Open Report

Cumulative Did Not Open Report

I want to remove contacts that have not opened my emails in over 12 months. Thanks, M


It seems to me if a contact that has not opened even one of the last ten emails I have sent should be eliminated from my contacts list.

In working with Eric today we noticed that Constant Contacts does have the ability to see who has not opened each email.

My suggesting would be to create a spread sheet with the following columns

Last name    email address     and columns for each of the most recent emails

Then place an x in the appropriate row and column if they did not open it. For example


                                                              Name of          Name of               Name of                 Name of

                                                            Most recent    2nd most recent  3rd most recent   4th most recent   and on for

Last name    email address                    email                   email                 email                    email                next 6 or so

Smith                    x                          x                        x                           x

Jones              x                          x                                                     x


A simpler to create and perhaps more beneficial would be to have a spreadsheet of all the contacts and place an x for the emails opened. The Name of the Most recent emails could be say the first couple of words of the name


Then a person would get an idea who are the ones who really are using it by the x marks and the ones who never open would have a row of blanks. These persons could then be removed from the list.

Arlo Moehlenpah

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I have sent an email every week for more than 3 years and average 100 - 110 opens per week. There are many addressees who have never opened an email, is there a report that can show which addresses have never opened an email as a list to be able to purge them? I noticed that if I open the sent report, I have to click on one at a time to find out if that person has opened a newsletter.
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It would be awesome if there were a way to create a list of those who don't open emails for a consistent period of time and then be able to either reach out to them in a way that is relevant or to determine if they were worth getting off the list.

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Wish there was a way to view, update and or delete any of my 3400 names from my contact list that have NOT opened any emails from a date that I am able to set through your platform on my own. Ex: If I asked to view a list of contacts that have NOT opened an email from Jan 1 2011 and before I would like the ability to remove from my list as a group not one by one.
I would like to access emails listed under the contact's engagement section to see specific reports on whether there was interaction by that contact. I want to be able to look up the details for that particular email without having to go back out to my Email tab and then search for the email in question. Is this something Constant Contact will implement?
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I can pull up individual contacts and see a report of their activity.  It would seem that creating a list of those with no activity should be a rather simple task within Constant Contact, but users do not have access to query the information across multiple contacts and multiple emails.   Why should I have to export and combine reports via Excel when the information I am looking for is available in Constant Contact?

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Would like to remove contacts from did not open list but that option is not available
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It would be much easier if a report could just be run that lists everyone that hasn't opened an email in the past 6 months (or user defined amount of time).
Is there a way to get a list of contacts who never open mail from us?
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it would be nice to be able to search for contacts who have not opened emails -say for the last year or last 6 sends. It takes a long time to search each name individually