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Cumulative Did Not Open Report

Cumulative Did Not Open Report

I want to remove contacts that have not opened my emails in over 12 months. Thanks, M

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I would really like a way to filter out contacts that have never opened an email before.  If they are receiving the emails, but have them being automatically deleted I would like to be able to see that they are never opening anything and remove the contact after some time instead of paying for them to keep receiving emails. This would also be helpful in seeing which people that have full mailboxes due to them not using that email anymore.  Right now to see if a contacts email is always full I have to click on the contact and scroll through the sent emails to see if any of them say they are opened and for how long their email has been full.


This would also help in scrubbing the contacts that have had full mailboxes for extended periods of time indicating they no longer use that email.  I am always hesitant to remove an email that is listed under mailbox full as it could be someone who consistantly opens our marketing emails, but they just poorly managed their email space for a short period of time.



I was on the phone with a support person for about 20 minutes yesterday discussing this!


It's FAR TOO Many Steps involved to look through every person, create a separate file and go back to your contact list to delete them. Doing this would take me at least 6 hours - way too tedious! 


At the same time, if I don't do this, I am paying almost twice as much per month. 


Thanks for posting! 


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I second this!! I have over 10,750 contacts and would like to purge those contacts who have not opened any emails for the last 6 months! As far as I can tell there is no way to do this without spending hours and hours looking at each contact individually! HELP!



I am trying to clean up my 3,000 contact list and would like to delete anyone who has not open a campaign in the last 2 years.

Is there a easy way to do this? 



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Wow. Is anyone from CC even reading these comments???

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I've only got a relatively small contact list of around 200 people. At the moment we are leveled off at betweem 60% and 70% opening rates. I want to push through this barrier, but gettng the information is cumbersome.

What I need is a spreadsheet with names down the left and campaigns accross the top. We simply colour the opens in say green, did not open in red, and bounces in blue.

I could then instantly see everyone and determine follow up priorities and actions depending on a contacts individual history

At the moment I have to open each one individually, take notes and try to remember what that profile looked like historically

I have mentiond this to Constant Contact before, but maybe if this group thought it was a good idea, we may be able to lend a voice and be heard.

Apart from that I find this service fantastic and meets our needs perfdectly.

Darryl, Australia

There should be a button on a person's info page to delete account. I have to open the page, and if the person has not opened an email in more than a year, I'm deleting them. It's a real time drainer to have to go back to the contact list to delete.