Cumulative Did Not Open Report

Cumulative Did Not Open Report

I want to remove contacts that have not opened my emails in over 12 months. Thanks, M

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The only logical explanation I can think of for this is money:  if users prune their lists, their lists will be smaller and their monthly fees will decrease.  But this is very short-sighted.  It also decreases the value of CC to it's users and ultimately motivates them to leave CC and switch to another email service provider. 


I spent 8 hours today pruning my list, one contact at a time, in preparation for migrating to another provider.  I'll spend more hours on it tomorrow.  Such a waste.  There's a lot I like about CC and I've used it for years, but as my list grows, I can't afford to do this by hand any more.  I plan to switch to a another email service provider, one who includes this function as an automated feature.

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Who are you switching to?

Can you cc to email

I'm having tracking you!


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I meant having trouble tracking you.... 

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I'd love to know who you're switching to, also. The fact that  CC has been unresponsive to these requests for years really irks me, plus the software has been really buggy for me for many months now. 

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Wesley, email me at

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Thank you all for the candid feedback.  We wanted to give you all an exciting product update!


We understand the importance of being able to build and manage your lists in a way where you can communicate with and re-engage audiences who you know aren’t actively engaged, build brand awareness, sell more products, generate more donations, etc.  We want to provide you with the right tools to make sure you are able to best maintain these relationships. 


As part of our product strategy, one of our primary initiatives for 2008 is Segmentation.  Segmentation will empower you with an increasing set of tools to build dynamic queries in order to manage specific segments of your contacts.  It will allow you to send the right message to the right audience. 


In March we released our fist iteration of this called Quick Segments.  This can be found on the schedule page of our 3rd generation editor.  This tool provides the ability to send to new contacts within the last 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 days, contacts who opened an email within the last 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 days, or contacts who have received an email and NOT opened an email within the last 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 days.


This summer we will be releasing new segmentation functionality on our Contacts menu that will allow you to define your own criteria for segments—including contacts who have not opened over a set period of time.  Throughout 2018 and 2019 we will continue to roll out more and more functionality with segments as we build and learn from our customers.


We hope you will try these tools out and share your feedback while we work to make these the right tools for you!

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Thanks for this announcement. 


However, I must point out that the ability to send to contacts who have not opened an email in the last X days is not the same as the ability to generate a list of those contacts and then delete or take some other action regarding them.


This is a step, but it is not the step that we on this comment string have been requesting for the last 5 years.

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I concur completely with StevenK4! 

This can't be so difficult to provide, unless you are simply slow-playing it to keep our mailing list larger to keep your revenues larger! Come on. We're your customers. Give us the product features we need and your business will more than make up for any lost revenues with more satisfied customers recommending your platform. 

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Finding this thread leads me to believe there isn't a means to find out the names from a contact list that have not opened the e-mail(s). It would be nice to query 'Who has not opened an e-mail for specific reports since a specific date.'

I'm not an expert programmer but what with what skill sets I have it shouldn't be that difficult for Constant Contact developers.

A lot easier than a user having to export many reports to many spreadsheets, merging then sorting, etc.

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Great news everyone! You can now get a did not open report for the last 90 days or over your last 500 campaigns, using our new segmentation feature. 

To create a segment, you will need to be on your contacts tab. In the sub tab on the contacts page, you should see the new option "segments".




Click "create segment" and you will be brought to the creation flow.


Segments page.png


Select the options of: ‘Did not open’ ‘any email’ 'in the last' and then '90 days'. You also have the option to select a custom timeframe going back 5 years. However, segments is only looking at the last 500 campaigns. If you have sent more than 500 campaigns in the last 5 years,it will stop when it gets to the 500th campaign.


Last 90 days:

Did Not Open segment.png

Last 5 years (500 campaign limit): 

Segment 5 years.png


Once you save and preview, save the segment to a list by clicking the three dots to the right of the segment name and selecting ‘Add to List’.




We recommend sending out a 'We don't want to say goodbye' email to your did not open segment to see who does and does not want to continue to receive your emails. Segmentation is still undergoing development so expect to see more functionality and exciting updates in the future. We hope you continue sharing your feedback as you try out our new segments feature!

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Drew_D ... This is excellent.

Thank you!

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Thank you for doing this!  I look forward to further development.

Hmm it seems that Constant Contact is looking to improve it's site by adding this purging feature.  This is something other platforms have so not sure why it is so difficult to add.  By the looks of it, there are several users who are looking to purge their contact lists.  

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It's only hard because CC can't bring themselves to create it, since users are charged, in part, by the number of contacts you have. It should be an automatic customer service feature. 

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Thank you!

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Hi @EdC961 using our segmentation tool will be the best way to do this! You can locate the contacts that have not opened any of your last 5 emails, a specific email, or any email you’ve sent. Once you have this segment, you can create a new list with these contacts to then delete from under the Contacts tab of your account.

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I don't think that is good enough, you have to quickly scan the lot to see trends for everyone