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Cumulative Did Not Open Report

Cumulative Did Not Open Report

I want to remove contacts that have not opened my emails in over 12 months. Thanks, M

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I requested the same feature some time ago and see it's been requested multiple times over the past 3+ years and has a relatively high number of "votes" from users. It's also been given a "Great Idea" nod from a moderator, yet it has not been added. It seems like an easy fix, unless you consider we pay by the # of addresses we send to, which makes such a clean-up feature costly to CC. Any thing anyone can do to prompt action would sure benefit users.

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It seems like this is never going to happen, and probably for the very reason that it makes CC more money. It's a feature that their customers obviously want and need but because it's profitable for them to ignore it they do so. Terrible customer service

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Yes, I'd say no one is listening. They have some good stuff, but can't seem to move up the quality ladder where incremetal improvemant demands a bit more engineering. 

I certainly hope is not just "stuff the customer" thinking. 

If it's about money, make it work better and people will pay a few bucks.

I can't improve my results now untill the reporing tools improve.

I've never had any feedback on 2 requests in the past to provide a simple colour coded (open, did not open, bounce) spreadsheet with names listed down and publication editions accross the top.

Is anyone out there clever enough to do a patch on CC's skeleton?

Anyone recommend a better business to deal with?


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Good luck, no one is listening...

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Yes, please!!!

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Please work on a way to get rid of email addresses that do not open email

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I am very disgusted at the amount of time I must spend to gather "did not opens" from my bi-monthly newsletters.  There SHOULD BE a report that says, Did not Open for 3 months or six months or a year, but the customer should NOT have to spend their time digging through old lists to compare who has not opened on a regular basis.  This is absolutely ridiculous and I will be reviewing other carriers that give me a report that I can just push a button and delete those who have NOT opened my email in a pre-determined amount of time.  Or even fall off the list automatically after a certain specified time.  I do not have the time to spend going through mountains of paper to find this information out.  

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It is very time consuming to edit and delete contacts.  

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I have been asking for months if there can be a report so I can see who on my mailing list is not opening my newsletters, I have been directed to a convaluted system that requires me to review reports name by name by month, does not work for me. I do not feel my request is out of line you have all the info already. I really would like to see a solution to this soon becuase honestly there are a couple other options out there. Jeff
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