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Cumulative Did Not Open Report

Cumulative Did Not Open Report

I want to remove contacts that have not opened my emails in over 12 months. Thanks, M

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I would love a feature to be able to isolate the contacts who are not opening my emails on a regular basis. Thank you for making this happen ~ Karen
I would like to request a way to generate a report for contacts who consistently don't open their emails (not bounces, but non-engaged contacts). Due to the nature of my work, my contact list is fluid. I don't want to keep paying for contacts who don't belong on my list any more, and I don't want to spam people who can no longer use my services. I appreciate any help you can give me.
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I know that you can view people who have and haven't opened your emails on a certain email, but can you add a section where it shows all of the emails that they have and haven't opened so it doesn't take forever to look through every email individually.
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I understand that I can figure out who has never opened an email by exporting the did not open list from each email and collating all of the files. This will take an unbelievable amount of time. I feel that this is something ConstantContact could create a program for and then have all of their clients be able to use. Thank you for your consideration. Tracey Abbey Taylor
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I have called about this several times. Is there a way of adding to the statistics who didn't open the emails to date from all of the contacts emailed. I think it would be great to know collectively to date who opened, who clicked and who didn't open emails, without have to go through each email individually. thanks, RS
Please provide a way to automate a report that shows non opens for a period of time so that they can be mailed to see if they want to stay as subscribers. At the moment it is SO time consuming to get this information - and must also put a strain on your systems due to the number of reports that have to be run. The only way I know to do this at the moment is: - Download each open list for a period of time (say two months = 9 downloads. - Put all those emails into one large spreadsheet and run a pivot table to remove duplication. - Upload all to a new list on Constant Contact. - Create a new list to show full list less opens = non opens - Download this non-open list and choose a range of dates to email with a special message asking them if they want to stay subscribed. ALL this could be simplified into one simple report by Constant Contact if there was a way to see opens for a given time period and most importantly NON OPENS for a given time period. Thank you

Please have a report available to pull all unsubscribes at one time from all campaigns, rather than having to go in each campaign to retrieve this information.

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Please evaluate a procedure upon which I can remove those who have opened an email from a campaign so that I can resend the campaign without resending to those who already opened the email This is particularly useful when trying to sell to a group of emails. I don't want to continually send to those that have already opened email, but I would rather focus on those that have NOT opened the list. By the way, my lists are pre-qualified when I entered them into constant contact.
Would love to have a report of contacts that have never opened any of the emails over the course of certain periods of time. Example: 3 Months | 6 Months | 1 Year
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It would be nice if when I exported all of my contacts there were a column that told me the last time that contact at any engagement with my e-mails