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Does send time of day still matter? If so, could you add recommended send time in the Reporting dashboard based on engagement?

hi there, after all these years, I still wonder WHY I can't see a simple chart showing the time of day along the bottom (in 15 or 30 min intervals) so I can see WHEN my readers are available to open my emails.
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Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @TerriL3. Sending times is a great thing to consider. We have suggested sending times based on your industry but I can see how it would be useful to have this shown in your account as well. I'll open this up for voting!

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Every time I want to send out a reminder email blast a few days before our events, CC suggests a week AFTER our event takes place!!! SO your suggested send times are not in sync with our event dates! The suggested send feature is useless! 

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There is an article on "Find the Best Time to Send an Email" which is somewhat helpful, but could be a lot better. It is a bit rudimentary and requires me to manually enter data into a spreadsheet.


Why not create a new reporting tool that does the math/work and tells you when the best time to send is? With some filtering options included.




I don't believe there is currently a feature in the reporting section that shows when your contacts are opening your emails. It doesn't have to be an exact time like it shows on each individual contact. It could be hourly. Just something that helps show the optimal times to be sending emails. Of course, I could just experiment and send emails at all times of the day until I find what works best for open rates, but having a feature that showed what time most people are opening my emails would be very beneficial.


I believe most major social media platforms have similar features. I know Instagram and Facebook show the times when your followers are most active which helps give you a better idea of when to post. I'm thinking CC could implement something similar.

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