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Engagement reporting over time

Engagement reporting over time

Would love to be able to run a report showing spam/unsubscribes over a given period of time. Since we send many different types of emails it would be great to see which ones our list prefers not to receive.

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 would LOVE to see comparitive reporting this month, compared to same month a YEAR AGO (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.... we've been CC users that long) and "last 50" and "all time" are too extreme... we have adjusted newsletter formats over the years, and clients'/recipients' use of smartphones and tablets has changed TOO MUCH  to make "for all time" stats meaningful for decision making.
Especially for desktop vs mobile opens & clicks

I would be helpful if CC offered a " contact engagement meter" that illustrated the activity ( # of opens & # of clicks) that would provide a scoring system based on the activity taken by the recipient Maybe a feature of automatically creating lists based on the activity resulting from the various campaigns
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It's really important to be able to clean our lists regularly from inactive, uninterested, unengaged contacts.  Other services have it, and I think it's critically important.  I understand the "Did Not Open" and "Bounced" reporting currently available, and I also understand we can export contacts from different campaigns and try to clean them up in Excel--but it's a very tedious process.

As a highly touted and respected mailing list management service, this requested feature is a MUST.  We do not want to pester people with emails they aren't interested in receiving, and I hate the idea of sending out an email asking them if they still want to be on our list (since most of them probably will never open that email).

Thank you for consideration.  We love Constant Contact!


Requests for features I have been using Constant Contact for about a year now after about ten years with another list server (Net Atlantic). I am pleased with bright interface, ease of use and innovation. However here are several feature requests I had with my previous provider: 1) When searching contacts allow a search for any word in the email address (not just “is”, or “starts with” or “ends with”). Sometimes I just can’t remember what it starts with but remember part of it or can intuitively guess. 2) In reporting develop a way to see all unique opens over a time period not just for a single campaign. In my case I send out an email each weekday and of course not everyone opens each email. It would be helpful to see who and how many have opened an email and how often over the past week or month (for any date range). It would give a good idea for who is really engaging and also show who may never be opening any emails. 3) In reporting develop a way to record and report click-throughs over a time period not just for a single campaign. It would be helpful to see who and how many have clicked on a link in an email over the past week or month (for any date range). Again this would give a good idea for who is really engaging and which links people are interested in.

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Is there a way on the reporting tab to average, over time, on all the rates (bounce, click, unsubscribe, etc)? Is this function hiding in plain sight?

Is anything happening with this?


Hi @Damascus_Shrine_Center.  We've made some updates to our reporting including the ability to see an individual contact's open rate (this can be seen by clicking on the contact from the reporting page and going to Engagement) but the fact is that the requests in this thread are so diverse that we can't say that it's been fully implemented. We've been keeping this thread open to see what type of engagement reporting customers are looking for so we can forward examples to our Product team. Please keep sending us your suggestions!