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Engagement reporting over time

Engagement reporting over time

Would love to be able to run a report showing spam/unsubscribes over a given period of time. Since we send many different types of emails it would be great to see which ones our list prefers not to receive.

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It would be helpful to receive sent and opened data on contacts in an Email LIST for a specific time period. For example, Prospects who are opening our morning email over the past 6 months. CC Support offers that there is currently only a way to receive data on contacts who were sent and opened a "specific" email. Any chance this broader detail is in the pipeline? Thank you!
Under the old report, I could see a 90 day chronological history of email or bounce history. In the case with bounce, I could see the reason for the non-delivery at the contact level. Under this new format, you make me take additional steps to go back to reports, then the specific email, then click on the bounce and search for the email. Is there any way, under the engagement tab for the specific email, you can link a place where it gives me the specific reason for the non-delivery i.e. blocked, not a good address, removed,etc.

Some of the new reports are great, but I'd like to see you take it one step farther and provide some trending reports on activities.


For example, I'd love to be able to identify people who do (or don't do) things over time e.g. people who always open emails, but never click through. I could tag them and follow up with targeted emails to re-engage them. It would be nice to be able to select which emails (or which mailing list) to include in trending reports also. I get different responses to our monthly newsletters than I do to one-off announcements, and I expect different results, so I'd want to be able to compare apples to apples.


Or people who have had email bounce for the last n number of emails. I do this manually now. Email is too unreliable to assume that just because it bounced on this email the address is invalid. I look at their history and if the address has been undeliverable or doesn't exist for several months only then do I remove it.



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The information on the individual emails with each contact, in the new system, looks to be very informative. Is there a way to also display something similar to the old system, where we can tell - for an individual contact - how many of their emails have been opened in the last x number of days, how many clicks on links, etc? It's clumsy having to move through every single email action (open, received, etc) to get a sense of this. Actually, it's extremely difficult to gather this info for an individual in the present system.
Is there any way Constant Contact can restore the old format for contact email history reporting? The new format makes it very difficult to see evrything on one place with numbers for opens, clicks, etc.
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When I'm looking at an individual contact, I used to be able to see the status of emails that had been sent to him. Now I can only see a list of the emails sent to him, and I can't see whether or not they're bouncing or have some other issue which means that he's not receiving them.
I like some of the new features you have made. I however do NOT like the way I have to read individuals who have opened my mail. I want the chart back that I could see at a quick glance each email and how many times that person opened it, rather it be 0 or 10 or more times. Using the words "sent" or "open" instead of number of times it is opened takes too much of my time, plus the scrolling I have to do to see the rest.
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I would love to see an easier way to view email reports all in one place. For example, to be able to pull a report that has everyone from contact list and then next to each one the status (i.e. not opened yet, opened, bounced - and reason why like non-existent address).
I need to be able to look at several months worth of unopens and make some comparisons and decisions about how to either re-engage or delete. There's no way to delete people when I have looked at the list of unopens. I can check boxes but have no real way of efficiently deleting them or moving them to a file to look at. Thanks
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your reporting could be enhanced by adding one additional feature. I report that lists addresses that open an email multiple times - ranks them by number of times. Some email servers leave multiple cookies when an email is opened - this can be filtered with a time requirement. count all openings that are more than 1 apart. then list the top visitors in order. my 2 cents