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Engagement reporting over time

Engagement reporting over time

Would love to be able to run a report showing spam/unsubscribes over a given period of time. Since we send many different types of emails it would be great to see which ones our list prefers not to receive.


Thank you for the great feedback! Makes sense you'd want to be able to see engaged vs non-engaged customers.


I'm moving your feedback over to a current thread where we're collecting similar feedback.  Any updates we have on this will be recorded there and you will receive an email.


Great feedback @SusanL3780!  I'm moving your idea to another thread that has similar feedback so we can continue to learn more!

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I want to generate a list of contacts who have unsubscribed, and see their reason for their unsub (if the provided one). Learned I have to do that by individual campaigns, and now see I can only select a maximum of 5 campaigns to export! Since I want to go back at least 12 months, this is going to be another really cumbersome process. You've really got to add some wider parameters/capabilities to the Reporting functions, Constant Contact!
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I am very unhappy with your campaign reporting results! Where do i start? First, you cannot select multiple campaigns to export, I have 67 campaigns and I have to select each one to see the results exported to an excel file. Then I can only export 10 at a time without getting a server issue.. The file itself does not contain the links that where clicked on in the campaign so how to I see where the most traffic is going easily in this report. The way the file exports the date field cannot be sorted easily in date order because the day of the week if in the field. Why not make the day a separate column so the file can be sorted? Also, the trend snapshot cannot be exported and you can't see beyond 25 campaigns with the titles... Why isn't the trend snapshot exportable? When are these reporting features going to be fixed?
You should have one summary overview report that you can sort by category which shows (1) contact, (2) sent, (3) opened, and (4) clicked, (5) unsubscribed, and (6) bounced. Right now very inefficient to look at a campaign by going to each individual tab to see who did what action. Would be much easier if there was one report that laid out the whole process and you could export or was sortable online. This should be really easy to create as all the data is already captured - just a matter of packaging it
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I often send one email to several different target groups, which are uploaded as separate lists. Would like to be able to view opens, clicks, etc., by list to see which groups are most engaged - without having to send the same email several different times.

I love Constant Contact! One feature I would like to see is a contact rating system to see which of your contacts are engaging the most with our emails (Most opens, most clicks, etc.) I hope I see this feature soon :smileyface:
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The reports section should have an option where you can get all your results in one spreadsheet showing - when that person opened it, clicked on the link, and how many times they opened the campaign or how many times they clicked on the button. It would be more helpful to export one report with all this information with the contacts email addresses and all rather than individually downloading each list and having to create that. Right now we have to put that all into one spreadsheet to get this together ourselves. CreXi has a great reporting system. I believe you guys should model off of that. it's very, very helpful.
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It would be exceptionally useful to be able to filter the contact list to show all contacts that have not clicked on a campaign in x days/months/years so they could be removed from the contact list.


Currently, there is no way other than clicking on each contact one by one to view the engagement history.


There is also no way to export the raw engagement data.