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Engagement reporting over time

Engagement reporting over time

Would love to be able to run a report showing spam/unsubscribes over a given period of time. Since we send many different types of emails it would be great to see which ones our list prefers not to receive.

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It would be very useful to have the option to have the same report that exists for a single email (who opened, who read it, who did not open it, bounces, etc.) for a group of emails and/or tags. That way a campaing of several emails can be tracked.
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One email at a time is very time-consuming. Tracking opens is so important, and yet, you don't make it very easy. I should be able to request a list of all opens within a time period. Also, all opens of a certain type of mail. Again, it's basic CRM stuff...
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When it comes to 'Reports' on email campaigns, one should be able to view who are the most engaged recipients or the least engaged recipients over time - not just for one email campaign. In practice, one would have an option to see a chart of all recipients based on their overall engagement, without having to look through individual campaigns.


This would be an immense improvement as it would give you an insight into who are your biggest fans!


Thanks in advance for implementing this.


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You know what would be awesome? To be able to see how many times the email has bounced right next to the name of the bouncee. I would LOVE to be able to see that the address has bounced back 12 times, so I can safely delete it rather than going back thru emails to see how many times it has bounced. Boy, this seems like a super easy fix.


I've been using CC since 2005, and this is the only suggestion I've ever made!

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Clicking on the Opened and Did not Open reports is very slow. It would be nice to be able to produce an engagement report show who regularly opens and who consistently does not open. Does anyone know how to do that?
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I would love to see a report of all opens WITH the click through information, if any.
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We have been running email campaigns using Constant Contact. How to find out which contacts open our email most? I need this data over a period of time.

For example: Give me list of contacts that have opened most of my emails in last 3 months.


I was told by your support team that this feature doesn't exist. It will be a great feature to add!




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There should be a way to see the email addresses (and/or names) of those that received a campaign and a column indicating who opened the campaign in a single report. Right now, you have to run two reports and merge the information manually.

Ability to see who is really interested by not only seeing number of opens for one email sent but all emails sent.
We'd like one report showing overall engagement--not engagement on a person by person basis, but overall to see determine best contacts, etc.