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Engagement reporting over time

Engagement reporting over time

Would love to be able to run a report showing spam/unsubscribes over a given period of time. Since we send many different types of emails it would be great to see which ones our list prefers not to receive.

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In order to improve targeting my leads. I would like a report that tells me the average time that people opened my email without me having to decipher all the data manually. I would love to receive something that says: Most people opened your email at this time ...
Why don't you have an open rate for each contact that is easily displayed from the main Contact > List view. I have to go into every client to see if they open things. Soo0o0 much time goo0o0ne. Lol. I'm getting angry with you guys because most of your phone reps tell me this is often requested.
If my June newsletter is a Campaign and my July newsletter is a campaign, etc., why can't I find all of my June-related results/reports (no matter how many times I send it) in 1 master June report? This report could be just a comprehensive update OR segmented by sends (June a, June b...). Either way, I could just go one place (June) to see how the June newsletter performed, and another to check July performance.
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It would be very useful to allow me to see not only when my contacts open an email, but to also be able to look at what they clicked on. I know I can go email by email and look at who clicked each link but you offer no way to look at contacts individually and see their track record. This would be EXTREMELY useful and you already have the data, it's just a matter of creating another way to view it.
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I do my reports on a monthly basis. I would like to see all information for each month. January, February and such. I don't want month to date, or last 30 days because that does not give information for the whole month. Thanks Janie
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There are two kinds of unsubscribes list: 1) Unsubscribed by the reader (this folder is shown in contact management) 2) Unsubscribed by me for the bounced emails by clicking Remove Emails for Recommended for Removal. It will be good if we are given access to option 2 as well (Unsubscribed by me) so we can review them from time to time and resubscribe them as necessary so we can increase our contacts. Thanks, Rama
I find it very difficult to give overviews of our program to our top management. I have to download campaign reports separately and compile results myself, or I have to take screenshots of the overview. Some improvement in this area would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks for this feedback. Unfortunately the act of unsubscribing is meant to be permenent. Have you tried deleting the contacts from the account or using a new list to keep track of these people who are not active right now? 

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Pls refer my previous comments. I would like to see the following view/ report under contact mgmt: Summary 1) for all campaigns as well as 2) for each campaign By Domain (Company), total number of contacts, total opened (%), total clicked (%), total bounced (%)- all in one place with easy access to email id by domain name.