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Export Email Report to PDF

Hello Constant Contact: My Boss is asking me reports of Eblasts and the only thing your system provides is a simple cvs Excel sheet. I don't think this is a Professional Report to "report". Anyone can fake a simple excel sheet. Why you don't have the option to download the full color Report in PDF with your logo and stats? It would be much better and professional. Thank.

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Great feedback @PatriziaB6,


Are you looking to export reports on a campaign to campaign level?  Or are you more looking for better exportable reports that compare your campaigns?  Would like to get a better understanding of what you would find helpful.

Occasional Participant

Hello Patrick,


Thank you for your prompt response.

I need to report campaigns every week.

And what can I give to my Boss?  a simple line in comma delimited that anyone can fake.

Please work on provide better formatted Reports urgently !

A PDF document with your logo , date and short picture of blasted email with all statistics in color.

That's a Report !

To show to your Boss, to your Clients (great tool) , or simply to file.


Thanks for listening.




Thank you!  I appreciate the additional detail and it makes sense.  I'm opening your idea up for voting so our other customers can give their feedback as well.

Status changed to: Voting Open
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