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So I've unfortunately found out that *part* of the reasons my open rates have gone down are specifically because our emails are sent via ConstantContact. 


Don't get me wrong, I love the ease of use, provided designs, the staff & customer support here, and the availability of reports at ConstantContact. However, if my emails aren't reaching my customers then there's no point. 



1) Some of my clients don't even recieve our emails in their spam folders because their ISP or company blocks pretty much anything from ConstantContact. I appreciate the resources available for whitelisting and similar via CC, but event when I send the information to my clients nothing happens. They probaly don't do anything with it, but again, I wish ConstantContact could find a better way to not get blocked by companies in the first place. 

2) I had a friend in the same industry say she specifically ignores emails from my main email (info@...) because she's realized they're usally sent via ConstantContact and that anytime she opens a ConstantContact email they freeze her computer. I'm not sure if this is due to file size or what, but I'm sure many of my clients have old computers and probably experience the same. She's used CC before, but her organization now creates everything in house. 


I now have to send a portion of my emails through ChamberMaster or through my email provider so that I know my clients recieve them. I don't want to as they don't look as nice and I can't collect stats on them, but I that's my temporary solution until ConstantContact can improve upon these points or we end up somewhere else. 

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Thanks for posting this feedback. Have you called in and discussed your concerns with our delivery team? They would be the best team to help you get through these things! 



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