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Include the subject line of the email in reporting

Include the subject line of the email in reporting

The reporting feature is really great and includes a lot of good information about the last 50 campaigns. But we are trying to work on improving our open rate with better subject lines but right now, I have to export the csv file from reporting then manually enter the subject line for each of the campaigns listed. Would be great if that was automatically included. Seems like other people would want it as well, because as we all know a good subject line is key to getting a good open rate. 


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We all want it and have been asking for it for years.  Someday they'll listen.   Maybe.

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A good suggestion. Hope they do it.


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It would be great to have the subject line for the email campaign appear in the comparison report. This would help us evaluate the effectiveness of the subject line along with the other analytics available in this report. Thank you for creating the Compare Report. Another great tool.

How do we get subject lines visible in reporting?
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Hello @EllenM,


Thank you for bringing this up, however at this time it is not possible to display the Subject Line in the Reporting screen. I've passed your feedback along for voting.

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Robly does it. Just sayin'. :unamused:
They also have a feature where you can see who hasn't opened your email in the past N months, so you can easily delete a whole bunch of useless contacts.
On the flip side, I do like now being able to see in the CC reports which lists got which emails.

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Hi - I think it would help to include a column for subject line and even pre-header on the reports - so if an email does particularly well, it's possible to see immediately what subject line was used.
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Currenlty you do not offer the ability to see open rate by subject line................CRITICAL. Right now I have to name my campaign the subjectline to see and performance metrics.
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Just pointing out that we are almost two years from the initial comment here, and this is by far from being the only set of requests for this, and nothing has been done.  CC keeps saying "TRY A/B TESTING!  USE DIFFERENT SUBJECT LINES" but doesn't give the subject line in the download reports. 

To put this into perspective, I have two months' worth of emails to put into a usable report format. For us for this two-month period, that is 69 emails. SIXTY-NINE.
Sixty-nine emails for which I have to click on the email, copy the subject line, and paste it into a report. 

Robly (another email service) has subject lines in its reports.  MailChimp has them. I would assume other services do as well, but I don't have accounts with them.

I ask you, how is a marketing department supposed to make decisions when we can't get all the info on one place?  How am I supposed to brag on CC when it makes us spend this much time on something that ought to be automatically available as part of a report. 
(For the record, this has been a problem for w-a-y longer than two years.) 

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This is still a good idea I haven't looked much at the reporting but I can tell you seeing a subject line instead of the campaign name will tell you so much more. What words were used to grab their attention to get them to open the campaign is so much more useful than some random name you used to keep it straight. The name can stay but the subject would be a huge improvement when analyzing open rates.

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Subject line next to open rate would greatly improve analytics on how to better grab the contacts attention.