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Industry Averages are inconsistent

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Industry Averages are inconsistent

Additional reports that would be useful to better fill out the picture: Total Sents Total Opens + Total Unique Opens (It's not obvious which version we already are given.) Ability to export clicks would be useful. Consistency with averages? It seems like our organizational average bounces wildly, leading me to not trust it. Also, the "Average Industry Rates" PDF [] and the "Average Industry Rates" shown under FAQs are not consistent. It's difficult to feel confident in the metrics and the comparison we can make for our organization. For example, we are a trade association. That is not an available category on the PDF version. So, if I compare Nonprofit - Other on the two versions, I see the industry open rate is 32% on one and 22.5% on the other. Big difference.

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On reviewing the opened and clicked rates on our last email sent on 24 December, I've noticed that the industry average quoted on the report page for real estate has jumped from 17.5% to 25.9% since our last email sent out at the beginning of December.


However, when I click on the 'link' to learn more about industry averages and look at the list detailing all industries, real estate is still showing an average of 17.5% for opens.


So which figure is correct?  



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Hello Karen, 


We have an FAQ that reflects the most up to date information on the industry average you indicated. You can find that here. This was last updated in December 2014. 


I am also going to pass along this feedback to get this information updated in your account as well. 


I hope this helps! 

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Thanks for your response.  However, the link to the data that you have provided now gives a different figure of 21.30% open rate for real estate.


I get that the figures may have been updated so there is an increase, but I'm now seeing two different updated figures (21.30% from the list you've supplied and 25.9% when I review the report from the last email I sent).


So, again which one is correct?







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Hello @KarenP24318 , 


As mentioned above by @Amber_R , the most up to date numbers are the ones within the FAQ (updated last month).  This would make the 23.1% average of opens the number for your industry.  


A case has been sent to our second level of support so that the numbers within accounts can be matched up with the latest information from the FAQ.  



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Hi @AdamW583

Thanks for posting about this. We've actually got our internally team looking into this to resolve the discrepancy. I'll update this thread when I have an update for you.



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My industry is Non-Profit - Religious Org which has an open average of 24.84% by your computations. For months now, the industry average reported on my report page has been listed as 39.0% which is not accurate for any of your industries. For the last 3 years i have been in the top 10% of your users and have won the annual award. With the inacurate industry average at 39.0%, i will not be able to do so for 2015. Can you fix this? What's up?
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Today, your industry average on my report page is listed at 31.3% which, again, is higher than any industry reported by your system.  Again, what's up with that?  Can this be fixed in time for the annual report of opens, etc.?  My opens and click through are always much higher than the industry averages.  Thanks... and Happy New Year!


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