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Location of email opens

Location of email opens

I wish I could where people opened these more easily.
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Thank you for the feedback @MeganM359,


Is there a place in particular you'd like to be able to see your email opens?


I would like to see the city and state or country where the email was opened. 


I understand that others have asked for this feature.  Would be very helpful to be able to identify if email is domestic to the US or international.  Thanks for your consideration.

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Hi @ValL7

Interesting idea, what would you do once you determined if they were domestic or international? Do you plan on using this to segment your list?

Frequent Visitor

I could use it to help focus/narrow my workshop and event invitations (for in-person events, not online events).

Occasional Visitor

Does constant contact show the location of where someone is opening an email?




We don't currently have this feature.  Click the thumbs up button above to vote for it!

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open
All Star

Why can't we see the city in the report? This seems like a basic feature to add, and very useful for reporting back to management so they understand where we're having the most impact.