More date and customization in contact growth report

I need to see reports on our contact list before 2019, it doesnt look like Constant Contact has that option. That's really unfortunate. Please change so that we can view our contact numbers in custom date ranges.


I've seen requests for custom date ranges in Contact reports dating all the way back to 2015. Is that something in the works? 

Status changed to: Voting Open
I would like to be able to see audience growth for the previous year. It currently only allows me to see "year to date" which is just 2020.
Status changed to: Gathering Information

The Contact Growth report allows for preset date ranges (year to date, past 90 days, etc) and there is also the ability to choose custom dates so you can broaden your search. From here, you can see the net growth of contacts during that time range. Does this report provide the information you are looking for?

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