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I love the detail that's provided for each campaign on the Dashboard page (sends, opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes). It's a nice way to quickly get an overview of what performance we've seen for the past few campaigns without having to open a full detail page (which is very slow) for each campaign. But unfortunately there are only five campaigns listed on the dashboard, and we run sometimes more than one each day. So it's impossible to get that kind of at-a-glance data for more than a few days worth of campaigns. And when you click through to view "all campaigns", that same data isn't listed for each campaign until you click through each individual campaign (again, slow, and also can't be opened in a new browser tab to view multiple campaigns since the links aren't actual URLS but rather are, apparently, JS clicks).

So my suggestion is to simply offer the sends, opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes in the row for each campaign on the campaigns view page, so that at a glance, it's much easier to get a quick summary of "how did we do and how did each campaign do compared to the others" for the past week or more. Interestingly, this is exactly what appears in the mobile app. So why not desktop/browser, too?


And also, let's make that "new browser tab" thing happen that I mentioned for each campaign from the full campaign list, right?



Bill Haenel

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Hi @MoniqueCornett what are some of the campaign types you would like to see this type of reporting on the Campaigns tab of your account? Does the Reporting tab of your account help fit your needs? As for opening campaigns on new browser tabs, does comparing your campaign results help?

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