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Need a click "Map" on sent emails

Need a click "Map" on sent emails

We pay close attention to which links get clicked the most, but sometimes we have an image and copy with the same link, so I don't know which one is actually clicked. It would be so helpful to have a click map that would overlay the number of clicks on top of each link location. Probably would take some doing but it would be helpful in building more effective emails.
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I had 4 images in my recent email and all linked to the same url so the url click report is giving me a total number of clicks for all images. But I'd like to see how many clicks were made on each image to see how effective each one was.


Thanks for posting this feedback!

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I have moved from **Removed By moderator** to CC. One of the MC features I miss already was on their Click Report. In addition to seeing the URL, they also had a map view of the email that showed the percentage of clicks. The was extremely useful in viewing what are of the email was getting the most clicks, especially when there are a lot of different URLs. I would be happy to share a screenshot if someone wants to email me. **Removed By Moderator**


Thanks for sharing this feedback, @RalphV82. I can understand how this is an important reporting feature! We're always looking for ways to improve the prodcut so please continue to share any ideas you have!

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Make it a "heat map" where you see a snapshot of the email with the number of clicks hovering over each and hyperlinked to the results.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thanks for posting!

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I, too, miss this feature from MC. When will this be implemented so that I don't have to manually create one myself to present to my management team? This thread is pretty old, so I'm surprised there has not been an update.


Yes this would be extremely helpful! Will help to establish the length that our emails need to be.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

We now have a click map included in the click reporting. More information is available in this Knowledge Base article. Thanks for the feedback!