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New Format - Reporting not available past 50 campaigns?

New Format - Reporting not available past 50 campaigns?

In the new format, it appears that only the last 50 campaigns are in the Reporting tab and exportable. Am I missing something to make more show up? This will be very problematic from an analytics standpoint. Our last 50 campaigns only go back two months. I relied on this feature for reporting to bosses, our Board of Directors, etc. for the previous year.
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Reporting now only allows me to look at the past 50 sent eblasts. I send out about 180 per month and run reports the end of each month. I know you now keep eblast up to 180 dates which is find but I should be able to report on 180 days back. PLease add a date range in reporting. P.S I love the new search by name feature thank you.
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One more loss of useful functionality and data. It's kinda funny that this message allows emojis but our outgoing subject lines do not support simple ascii. Are we any closer to support of responsive template code so that the very limited available report data from our last 50 emails (less than 2 months worth) reflects in the open rates you will give us? Some people opened it on a phone, but we can't do a media query. Very Useful. What about our customer history? Our total opens, our total clicks? This is information that our clients require that is no longer available!

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How can I access emails further back than the last 50?

Lets go back to the old platofrm where we can see our historic email statistics. There is nothing we can do with only the last 50 days. You're USP is reporting - and now it's gone....

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100% agree with this. It makes my reporting a real struggle! We also lost the spam report and forwards number on this, big big issue!

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My company really needs to be able to easily access more than just our last 50 emails. Please let us access all of them or at least the last 100 or 150!

The "Reporting" analytics aren't helpful. Please give us an option to select not only the date range of emails we want analytics on but the number of emails we want. I had to go through and manually click through all my emails from the last year to get analytics. It took hours, when it could've taken a few minutes. Thank you. 

I used to be able to run reports on more than 50 campaigns. I did 146 campaigns last year, and I need to report on them in one shot. Thanks to a change made by someone who clearly doesn't care about users I can now only do 50 at once. Great job guys. You made your product worse. Here's a tip: giving users fewer options and less control is always a bad idea
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Newbie question.


I'm trying to see individual contact results, such as, be able to query Account = Ford, and see all the Contacts at Ford and each contact's email activity, i.e., opens, clicks, etc.


Is there a utility or appliction someone has built to do this simple task?  I would think many people would be looking for this feature.


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