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New Reporting System

New Reporting System

PLEASE go back to the previous one!
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for your feedback @Salesman. Is there any specific feedback you are able to provide as to why you are wanting the old reporting back? Features that are missing, things that are not working, et. al?

All Star

I have to agree! I can no longer see the total number of unique clicks per link. I can download the entire link report for each email, and then sort by link, sort by email, delete duplicate emails, and add up number of clicks myself. SO MUCH WORK!! Why the change? Link data is nearly useless to me now.

CTCT Employee

Thanks for commenting @MiramonteP You are able to view the total number of unique clicks per link by viewing the "Links" dropdown. From there you are able to drill into the clicks on whichever link you choose. Please let me know if that is what you were looking for. If not, can you please elaborate on what you were hoping to see as far as the total number of unique clicks per link?

All Star

I see no "links" dropdown. Where is that? Please be specific. 


When I click on the sent campaign, I see the number of total clicks. When I click on that number, I am given a list of every single click by email address. There is no option to change to "unique" so that I can see which link go how many clicks. I can export the entire data set and sort myself, but that is a no go for us.


CTCT Employee

I apologize for not clarifying @MiramonteP Here is an image of what the page will look after choosing "links" in the drop down. Please let me know if you do not have that option in your dropdown when viewing the reports for your campaign.

Occasional Visitor

I want "SELECT ALL" back! There is zero reason to remove that feature.


Who in their right mind wants to select one by one when moving contacts to a new list or removing bounces?


What engineer thought that was a "good idea" to remove?


At least let us pick our own version of the reporting interface in the settings.


This is a total joke!


New Reporting System: I'm not a fan... previously I could quickly sort within Constant Contact to see which links were the best performing in any given email. Now they are simply displayed in alphabetical order and I can't get a sense of which are the best performing vs worst performing. I should be able to click on the header and then the columns sort ascending or descending; as we could previously. Now, apparently I have to export it to excel before I can sort the columns as I need. It's difficult to now get an overview of all the stats in one place. Not an improvement in my opinion. 


For example when you click on "Opened" it doesn't actually tell you how many people opened it! It's just a long list of who opened it. At the very least there should be the totals at the top of each page.