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New Reporting

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New Reporting

I hate the new reporting view - it is clunky and out of date. How can I switch to the older reporting interface?
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for reaching out to us @OSIA. I was hoping that you can clarify what exactly you don't like about the new pages? Are there features missing that you used to use? Thank you.


I don't like the way it looks, nor do I like the way I have to interact with it. In the past, if I wanted a click report, I could go to reports and see what percentage of clicks were with each link. Then, I could click on the specific percentage if I wanted to get e-mails. Now, I have to go to two different pages to see this information; one of which is very difficult to find. The other - to see the actual e-mails that clicked on each link, are not organized by link clicked; which makes it extremely difficult for me to find the data that I need.

Similarly, I cannot select all when wanting to delete or remove e-mails for bounces (or at least, I do not see that option), which is very frustrating. 

Frankly, the entire new interface is extremely frustrating and useless for us.

CTCT Employee

Thank you for responding so quickly. We do still offer the link click percentage on the email details page. For example, If you click on the name of an email, you will be taken to the email details page. Once there, at the bottom of the page with be the link distribution percentages. As far as seeing the number of clicks for each link, rest assured you do still have the option. There should be two options in the dropdown menu when viewing an emails report. To view the links and the numbers clicked, you will want to choose "Links". Rest assured, are developers are looking into the bounce pages select all option. Again, thank you for responding and clarifying so quickly. I will be sure to provide your feedback to the appropriate teams.