New Welcome Email

For those of us keeping track of our open rate/open numbers on the OLD welcome email, is there anywhere that those stats have been saved before you blew away the old email w/o notice? (at least I didn't see any notice.)

I wish you would stop changing things that don't need changing.  


Next time you change something, please don't make it go live before the actual user becomes ready to do so.


The email you pretty much changed overnight has been going out with my personal work email address, as opposed to the email that was originally associated with our e-communication.

Thank you for creating work for me that I didn't originally want, or need.

Very unprofessional.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hello @MarieT04260! The old version of the Welcome Email did not offer reporting data that other emails do. This is one reason we moved to this new version so that we could offer you more insight to contact engagement with your Welcome Email.


I see that you have an autoresponder email setup on your account to send out to new contacts, this would offer that reporting data, and this is series is currently active on your account under Automation. Could this be the email you are referring to?


You changed the welcome email and made it live without notice! For weeks, my client's customers have been receiving my personal work email address, as opposed to the email that was associated with every other communication, including the original welcome email. I am shocked and my client is rightfully angry and taking it out on me. Very poor.

Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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