Omit Clicks, Opens, etc. from reporting when performed by a security program

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Seems that a number of companies have started automatically tracing back all the links in emails. This makes the click reports pretty useless. Results are swamped with this.

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We have used Constant Contact for years, and I have been a big fan, until today. Today I learned that a large percentage of the clicks I was reporting to my clients were really fake Spam Check clicks. On the most recent click list, the fake clicks totaled more than 95%. I did not initially discover this through Constant Contact informing me of this issue. I had to figure it out myself in collaboration with a client. It seems that I have been sending highly inflated click figures and reports to my clients for years now. This not only makes Constant Contact look bad, it also reflects very poorly on our agency. You should have let us know that this is an issue.
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