Open percentages don't match up

Open percentages don't match up

The open percentages on the campaign dashboard are wildly different from the open percentages shown in the individual email reports.

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Thank you for the feedback @Cutter,


This is an issue that we recently noticed and are currently trying to get to the bottom of.  I don't have an ETA for any kind of fix, but I am going to open your feedback for voting and will post any updates there.


Without doing a lot of math time, it appears as if the %age results shown on the dashboard are after subtracting bounces. Results on the campaign's page seem to be accurate.


At first glance I thought it might be the same thing, but looking at some previous campaigns it doesn't look like that's how it's calculating.  We have a ticket open with our Dev team to look at this.  As we learn more I'll keep this thread posted.

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